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Mark's Space Gypsy Gallery

On this page you can view all of Mark Smith's Space Gypsy artwork.
To view more of Mark's work click here

Cover art for Fluff Catt's single release "When will you be mine/You can't"

Gemma, Duke, Damien, Leah, Rekki and Leandra enjoying a summers' day on Tower City Beach


Damien chilling out in his room

The Place where it's all going down - Drakester Spaceport.  How many of the Space Gypsy characters can you name in this picture?

Fluff Catt & The Rock Kittens in concert.  From left: Jimmy DaWeasel, Gemma, Fluff, Damien and Rekki.

Fluff Catt and her motortrack bike.

Damien and Jehlise take a nap between recording sessions!


The Terrible Twosome!

Gemma & Damien

Meet the family!

Space Gypsy site logo

Gemma supervising her hard working little brother!
The Rock Kittens.  From left: Gemma, Jimmy, Fluff, Rekki, Damien.


Gemma tripping the light fantastic!

Gemma:  The morning after the night before!

Gemma - trying her best to look innocent and demure!

Promo poster for 2011 Christmas special "Pilfered Puddings & Pantomimes" aka "Gemderella"

Fluff Catt Rock Kitten!

Fluff Catt

The Rock Kittens rehearsing in Rekki's garage
Cover design for Fluff Catt's single release 'White, White Christmas'

Various rough sketches and design roughs:

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