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Meet The Space Gypsy Characters - Damien Mildury

Birthplace -

Aboard the Space Gypsy maternity vessel The Stork while in orbit around Bitlex 3

Height - 2' 2"

Mini Biography -

Also born into the Mogavis clan of Space Gypsy foxes, Damien was only four years old when he was taken from his parents by The Federal Alliance and thrown into the child labour camp at Drondak.  Finally, at the age of six, he was reunited with older sister, Gemma, when she rescued him from the camp.  Since then he has accompanied her aboard their family freighter The Rapscallion on their quest to find their parents.

Damien is a fun loving prankster with a heart of gold.  Despite purporting to hate school, he attends Drakester Academy.  Another one of his pet hates is 'kissing and slobbering', mainly because his sister likes to practice her mothering skills on him!  He is also the object of desire of a pretty young kitten called Jehlise.

Damien also has a penchant for the theatrical.  At any given chance he will slip into his character of 'The Cubfather', Damien Dog Foxioli when he wants to put (playful) pressure on those around him.

At only nine years old, Damien is quite intelligent for his age.  He is quite adept at flying The Rapscallion, although he hasn't quite mastered the knack of landing it yet.

He also enjoys spending time with his 'Auntie' Leah and 'Uncle' Duke at Drakester Spaceport on the planet Zenophon.  One of his main hobbies is collecting registration numbers from the space vessels which visit the spaceport.

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