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Meet The Space Gypsy Characters -

Duke Rosenly

Birthplace -

Drakester City General Hospital, Drakester, Planet Zenophon

Height -

3' 8"

Mini Biography -

As early as the age of three, Duke was helping his father in the space freighter workshop.  By the age of eight he was stripping down plasma manifolds!

Duke attended Drakester Academy before going on to study stellar mechanics at Drakester University.  On leaving university he joined his father as a stellar mechanic at the Drakester Spaceport.  He took over as manager of the workshop when his father decided to take early retirement.

Up until a couple of years ago Duke had been quite happy with his life, living in the flat behind the spaceport workshop and getting his meals from his sister's cafe.  All of that changed when he answered the distress call from a Space Gypsy freighter which had crash landed on the rather inhospitable planet of Galvert 3. 

The senders of the message turned out to be two young Space Gypsy foxes, Gemma Mildury and her cub brother, Damien.  Gemma set her sights on Duke from the first time she laid eyes on him.  Duke is a little reluctant to admit that he likes Gemma, but he is gradually giving way to her constant hints about matrimony.


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