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Meet The Space Gypsy Characters - Gemma Mildury 


In orbit around Bitlex 2 aboard The Rapscallion


3" 3'

Mini Biography -

Born into the Mogavis clan of Space Gypsy foxes, Gemma spent the first few years of her life travelling around with her parents on trade missions on board their space freighter The Rapscallion. She is an accomplished pilot, having mastered the rudiments of flying her family's freighter by the time she was ten years old.

Caught up in the war between The Federal Alliance of and The Bitlex Affiliation, The Space Gypsies, who had at first tried to act as mediators between the two warring sides, soon began being hunted down and imprisoned by The Alliance. Gemma spent some time in an Alliance child labour camp on Galvert 5 before being rescued by The Rapscallion, which had been programmed to seek her out.

After freeing her kid brother Damien from the neighbouring camp, Gemma then set about the task of trying to find her parents. Without the guidance of their parents, both she and Damien have had to live on their wits. They have learned how to survive by trading with friendly allies and stealing from their oppressors. During their escape from the labour camp, Gemma was badly injured when The Rapscallion was shot down by a Federal Alliance battlecruiser. Fortunately for the two foxy siblings, their distress call was picked up by a young collie by the name of Duke, who just happened to be passing by on a business trip.  Duke is one partner in the cooperative ownership of Drakester City Spaceport on the planet Zenophon. It was love at first sight....well, at least, for Gemma it was. Duke is gradually getting used to the idea!

At the moment, Gemma and Damien still make their living out of buying and selling just about anything they can lay their paws on, while at the same time they continuing their search for their parents. Gemma is also catching up on the schooling that she missed as a child by completing her education at Drakester College.

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