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Meet The Space Gypsy Characters - Jehlise Mossus

Birthplace - Bitlex 3

Height - 1' 11"

Jehlise Mossus is Damien's love interest, although you will never get him to admit it.  She is a small pink kitten who follows Damien around and often ends up accompanying him on his (mis-) adventures.

Jehlise's father is an officer with The Bitlexian Peace Corps.  The Corps are on the front line.  They are tasked with keeping the invading Federal Alliance in check.  So far, the name of Jehlise's father has not been revealed in the Space Gypsy serial, nor has he appeared in it.

Jehlise's mother is the beautiful ermine white cat Felisky Mossus.  Felisky has an air of High Society and mystery about her.  Not much has been revealed about her in the serial as yet, apart from the fact that she has some influence in high places.

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