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Meet The Space Gypsy Characters - Jehlise Mossus 


Drakester City General Hospital, Drakester, Paloma Province, Planet Zenophon.


2" 0'

Jehlise Mossus is Damien's love interest, although you would never get him to admit it!  She is a little pink kitten who usually tries to kiss Damien at any given opportunity.  Understandably, Damien is rather bashful towards this kind of behaviour, but he has been known to give in every now and then.  Being a kitten, Jehlise is naturally curious, and often ends up joining Damien on his (mis) adventures.

Jehlise's parents work for the Zenophon Peace Keeping Force.  Her father is an officer with the Bitlexian Peace Corps, her mother is a secretary for the Zenophon Peace Consulate.

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